Vision NC

Pipe Renewal and Repair

CIPP Point Repairs

Vision NC offers its customers the unique option of performing trenchless, cured-in-place spot repairs to fix isolated structural pipe defects. Most defects aside from collapsed pipe can be repaired with this technique. Our experienced team has repaired cracks, fractures, misaligned joints, and holes in old, deteriorated pipes and even used these spot repairs to cover damaged coatings in new pipe segments. We have the state-of-the-art equipment to perform the sectional repairs in pipe segments ranging in diameter from 6 to 48 inches! Custom repair lengths ranging from 2 to 10 feet long are typical. This service restores your damaged pipes at a fraction of open-cut repair costs. Vision NC installed its first sectional liner in June 2019. Since then, we have successfully installed hundreds of trenchless CIPP point repairs. Our team has yet to have a liner fail or a customer call back dissatisfied with the results!

Full-Length Liners

Vision NC's full-length cured-in-place pipe liners offer custom lining capabilities from 6 to 64 inches in diameter and up to 1,000 LF, making them an efficient, cost-effective solution to restore deteriorated pipelines. CIPP lining has become the most utilized trenchless pipe renewal method because of minimized construction time, disruption, and cost as compared to traditional open-cut replacement. Our liners are fiberglass based and cured with UV light. Enhanced structural properties, an NC-based manufacturing location, and in-house personnel and equipment to complete installation make this liner the timesaving, flexible, and sustainable choice for the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal sewer lines and stormwater pipes. Benefits include:

Installation flexibility: The liners have a 12-month shelf life from manufacturing to installation allowing us to stock common diameters for quick response. The installation process allows for a complete visual inspection prior to curing the liner, allowing Vision NC to correct any issues.

Superior structural performance: The unique material that makes up the liner is based on fabric technology that withstands high external stresses. Laboratory testing indicates glass reinforced liners have twice the expected life of traditional felt.

Sustainable choice: These full-length liners use 60% less resin than their counterparts and require no on-site fabrication. The resin is fully encapsulated, resulting in zero aerosol emissions.

State-of-the-art UV curing: Vision NC utilizes advanced sewer rehabilitation robotics from Prokasro USA. With this technology, pipelines can be returned to a "like new" condition in less than one day, which is much easier and less expensive than replacing pipes.