Vision NC

SCM Maintenance and Certification

An Array of Inspection Techniques

SCM’s and other stormwater controls are constructed to attenuate runoff and contain nutrient pollution. Most local municipalities require annual assessment and certification to verify the overall heath and function of each SCM in their jurisdiction. Vision NC routinely provides maintenance on infiltration basins, underground detention systems, bioretention cells, sand filters, wet ponds, and associated stormwater piping and conveyance for all systems. In addition to standard maintenance activities, Vision NC’s specialized tools and equipment come in handy when more advanced inspection and cleaning is required. Our pipeline inspection and repair methods are often integrated into maintenance and repair of SCM components. Vision NC has trained Stormwater SCM Inspection & Maintenance Professionals certified by the NC State Cooperative Extension. This allows us to provide owners with a turn-key solution from assessment to maintenance and repair to annual certification.